The Shadows of 1915

Universtiy Business Center, Alice Peters Auditorium 5245 North Backer Avenue, Fresno, United States

In-person and live-streamed on YouTube:https://bit.ly/armenianstudiesyoutube How long is the shadow of genocide? How does it affect the offspring of the survivors? And how do survivors and their families retain a belief in justice when atrocities go unpunished? These are some of the questions addressed in Jerry Burger’s novel, The Shadows of 1915. The story takes… Continue reading The Shadows of 1915


Mer Talk: Exploring the Cradle Of Civilization

AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Center 2495 East Mountain St, Pasadena, CA, United States

What’s going on March 30th? A full Armenian cultural experience with great music, wine, food and an enlightening conversation about Armenian history. Join us at our first MerTalk with Dr. Gevork Nazaryan, a specialist in ancient and medieval history of the Near East, as he brings to the forefront the current Armenian EDUCIDE  and enlightens us with facts about our ancient past leading… Continue reading Mer Talk: Exploring the Cradle Of Civilization


Break the Silence: A Reading for Artsakh

The International Armenian Literary Alliance, in partnership with AGBU and the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International, presents Break the Silence, a reading hosted by Pulitzer Prize winner Peter Balakian, featuring besieged journalists from the unrecognized Republic of Artsakh and award-winning writers in solidarity around the globe, including Ilya Kaminsky—named by the BBC as one… Continue reading Break the Silence: A Reading for Artsakh

Armenians in Film at Curzon Bloomsbury

Curzon Bloomsbury The Brunswick Centre, London, London, United Kingdom

AGBU Arts' Armenians in Film: 6 Short Films by Armenian Filmmakers has been showcasing works by award winning Armenian filmmakers at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City, the most distinguished film venue in the US, since 2015, as well touring the series to audiences in California, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Australia.… Continue reading Armenians in Film at Curzon Bloomsbury


Armenians in Film at Lincoln Center

Film at Lincoln Center 144 W 65th Street, New York, New York, United States

AGBU Arts is pleased to be showcasing 6 short films by award winning Armenian filmmakers in New York City at Film at Lincoln Center. In addition to the film screening, AGBU Arts is raising funds for the AGBU Global Relief Fund for Artsakh-Armenia.