Memorial to Director Maria Saakyan

Friday, March 9, 2018 from 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

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Friday, March 9, 2018 from 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm
Abril Bookstore at 415 E. Broadway, Glendale, California, 91205, United States

This is a free event!
Abril Bookstore
(818) 243-4112 (818) 243-4112

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Memorial to Film Director 

Film Screenings:

Farewell (2003, 27 min.)
Lighthouse (2007, 78 min.)
(In Russian with English subtitles)

Screenings to follow with discussion.


415 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA
Admission is Free.
Reserved PRIORITY seating available at:
For more information, call (818) 243-4112.

MARIA SAAKYAN passed away last month at the age of 37 after a long struggle with cancer. She had already become one of the most acclaimed post-Soviet Armenian filmmakers, and shined as perhaps the most accomplished woman filmmaker Armenia has ever had. Maria is known for her “poetic imagery and lyrical search for a deeper truth in the events that shape human existence.” Her films have been screened at some of the top film festivals around the world, including Cannes, Moscow International Film Festival, BAFFA, Locarno, and Telluride Film Festival. She has gathered an impressive list of awards for such a young talent.
Born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1980, Maria moved to Russia with her family in 1992. She graduated in 2002 with a degree in film directing from VGIK (All State Russian Film Institute). She rose into international attention with her short student film, Farewell, which was screened in dozens of film festivals. Her first feature, Lighthouse was selected by more than 40 festivals worldwide, theatrically released in Russia and distributed internationally. Her second feature film, I’m Going To Change My Name received support by international institutions including World Cinema Fund, Torino Film Lab, Danish Film Institute and Goteborg Film Fund. I’m Going To Change My Name received “The Best feature film 2013” Armenian National Cinema Award and a number of other awards at the international film festival. Her third feature Entropy was a departure from the lyricism that has come to characterize her work, and took a critical look at the rise of Russian pop culture during the Putin era. Released in Russian cinemas in 2013, it was proclaimed as the “most scandalous film of the year.' In 2014, Maria proved her artistic skills beyond cinema by directing the opera, Ring of Fire by Avet Terteryan. The opera was staged in the Sushi fortress for the 23th anniversary of Artsakh's independence. 
Farewell (2003, 27 min.) is a personal, artistic reckoning with a dramatic event in the life of the young filmmaker: the loss of her father, who committed suicide at the age of 21. The film is an attempt to reconstruct his life and being. A man she doesn’t have a single memory of. 
Lighthouse (2007, 78 min.) is set on the fringes of an unspecified war, Lena returns home from Moscow to her mountain village in the Caucasus to try to persuade her grandparents to leave.
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Cost & Tickets

This is a free event!

Abril Bookstore

Phone: (818) 243-4112 (818) 243-4112
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Abril Bookstore

415 E. Broadway, Glendale, California, 91205, United States

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