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Abril Bookstore
415 E Broadway Suite 102 Glendale CA-South 91205 USA

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Meet the Artists: Onnik and Ara Dinkjian in Conversation with Producer Saro Shirinian
Friday, October 20, 2017 7:30pm

Abril Bookstore proudly invites you to 

A Pre-Concert Appetizer Event!


Father and Son Duo
in conversation with producer  SARO SHIRINIAN

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2017 - 7:30PM

415 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

Admission is Free. For more information, call (818) 243-4112.
PRIORITY seating available at

A chance to hear Onnik and Ara Dinkjian talk about their music and lives in an intimate setting.  Ask questions and get personalized copies of their cds.  Tickets will also be available for their concert taking place the following day in Pasadena.  Details below.

Onnik Dinkjian was in Paris, France in 1929. At the age of 17, Onnik and his family moved to the United States. In 1952, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and was shipped to Germany.  When he returned, Onnik opened his own dry cleaning store and married Araxie Mghsian whose roots were in Kharpert. They had two children, Anahid and Ara.  In 1948, Onnik made his very first 78 rpm shellac recording with a bandleader named Batt Masian (whose actual name was Batmavian). In 1951 Onnik was chosen to represent the Armenian Apostolic Church as a deacon in a Catholic service. He considers the opportunity the most memorable experience of his musical career. Later in his career Onnik was approached by an Armenian oud player from Greece named Roupen Altiparmakian to cut some tracks of songs that he had written. Two of them, “New York, Boston, California” and the timeless “Eh Wallah,” are still well known. What followed was the release of four extraordinary albums over a six-year timespan: “Onnik” (1972), “Onnik Encore” (1974), “Inner Feelings of Onnik” (1976), and “Just for You” (1978). Three of the four recordings feature his close collaborator, oud virtuoso John Berberian. Onnik and John have been collaborating with each other for over 43 years.

“Onnik and I must have performed well over 1,000 times, and for both of us, each event was joyfully anticipated. Although he is my colleague in music, he is also my dear friend” - John Berberian. 

Ara Dinkjian is best known as the founder of the highly influential and groundbreaking instrumental group, NIGHT ARK, which recorded four CDs for RCA/BMG and PolyGram/Universal. His compositions have been recorded in thirteen different languages by top singers and musicians throughout the world (including Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Sezen Aksu), proving that music is indeed the international language. His hit “Homecoming” (“Dinata Dinata”) was performed at the closing ceremonies of the 2004 Athens Olympics. Ara Dinkjian is also considered one of the top oud players in the world. He was chosen to represent the Armenians in the international oud festivals of Jerusalem and Thessaloniki. Ara Dinkjian uses La Bella oud strings.

      Purchase tickets for concert:  


Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 8:00pm

2215 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Ticket Price: $70


For more information, call (925) 852-6717