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Intercontinental Hotel
2151 Avenue Of The Stars Los Angeles CA-South 90067 USA

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Protest Turkish Lies: Government of Intolerance and Genocide
Monday, October 21, 2013 6PM

On Monday, October 21, Ali Babacan, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, will speak to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council about Turkey's economic and foreign policy, including the US-Turkey business relations and the future of economic investment in the region.

Protest the Representative of the the Government responsible for 1st genocide of the 21st century and the continued occupation of Western Armenia and over 1/3 of Cyprus.

-Turkey's economy has clearly benefited from the misappropriation of Armenian by the state.
-The government of Turkey has prosecuted many of its own nationals for properly characterizing the events of 1915-1923 as genocide or otherwise "denigrating Turkishness" as provided by Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code.
- The prosecution of Hrant Dink under Article 301 directly contributed to his brutal and senseless assassination in 2007.
-The persecution of minorities is not only a past practice in Turkey as evidenced by the cultural genocide committed against the Kurkish population and the killing of at least 30,000 Kurds in recent years.
-The suppression of the freedom of expression is rampant as evidenced by the government's extreme reaction to the Gezi Park protests earlier this year.
-The Council would certainly not invite any of the following officials nor their representatives to speak: Jean Kambanda of Rwanda, Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, Pol Pot of Cambodia, or Heinrich Himmler of Nazi Germany; Mr. Babacan is a representative of such a genocidal regime.
- As a representative of the government of Turkey, Mr. Babacan would be compelled to mask the atrocities of his nation, thereby perpetuating lies about its past and current transgressions.
-The Council would certainly not invite Holocaust deniers such as Willis Carto, James Edwards, David McCalden, or Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review, the Barnes Review, and the American Free Press. Nor would it invite Bradley Smith, founder and chairman of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust. And it should not invite those who attempt to rewrite history and deny the Armenian Genocide such as Mr. Babacan.
- The City of Los Angeles is home to the largest number of Armenians outside of Yerevan, so the participation of a senior level government official from Turkey at a Council event would be an affront to the community and an expression of total disregard of our painful history.

Turkey's human rights violations include:
- The Armenian Genocide and the denial of which is a continuation of the genocide, and the occupation territories of Western Armenia.
- Amnesty International reported in 2010 that "Turkey prosecutes and mistreats children as young as 12," and only a few months ago, the world witnessed the extreme reaction and suppression by the Turkish government of its citizens who had been peacefully protesting at Gezi Park and elsewhere throughout the nation.
- Human Rights Watch reported that the "European court slams Turkey on policing"
- Amnesty International condemned Turkey for its "brutal denial of the right to peaceful assembly."
- The Committee to Protect Journalists considers Turkey to be the "world's worst jailer of journalists"
- European Federation of Journalists has an ongoing campaign to free over 80 journalists unjustly imprisoned in Turkey.


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