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Dream Palace Banquet Hall
510 East Broadway Glendale, CA 91205 Glendale CA-South 91205 USA

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ARPA Institute 20th Anniversary Celebration Banquet
Saturday, May 19, 2012 7:00 PM

The Board of Directors of the ARPA Institute will hold an all-day event, with lectures and panel discussions by experts, culminating in a Gala Banquet, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of ARPA. This celebration will take place on Saturday, May 19, 2012. The conference, on Current Issues Facing Armenia and the Diaspora, will take place on May 19 in the Glendale Public Library (222 E. Harvard St), and the Banquet on May 20, 2012. To document this auspicious occasion we will publish a booklet, which will include the history of the organization. It will also describe the activities of ARPA, with a summary of all ARPA projects in Armenia currently in progress, an outline of future plans and projects under consideration, highlights of our monthly lectures in Los Angeles, and the program for Saturday?s conference. The abstracts of the papers to be presented will be included. We would like to ask you to please advertise your company products or services, and express your well-wishes to ARPA, or honoring the memory of your loved ones and families in the booklet. The attached ?20th Anniversary Celebration Booklet? sponsorship form is provided herein to solicit your generous participation and cooperation to make this celebration a success. ARPA Institute will send these booklets for free, on-line to over 5100 individuals. Please note that our members and supporters will be attending the celebration. We assure you that all (100%) donations made to ARPA Institute will be used towards implementing our activities in Armenia and Los Angeles. We have virtually zero overhead. Moreover, all your donations are tax exempt under IRS tax code-section 501 C (3). Kindly fill out the attached form and provide the requested information, as well as your message to be printed in the booklet. The deadline for sending your message, information and sponsorship form is April 15, 2012. Respectfully ARPA Board of Directors